Instincts 2014

SSN! Instincts!


Those 3 days of fun! Never wana miss them ever at SSN.



SSN School of Management might conduct classes even during one of those days 😮 . It is not the management that should go to hell. Those students who attend classes even then.. Please!

2012 Instincts was the best with Blaaze, Suchi, Anirudh, Vel murugan, keith peters performing. The stalls, the dance workshop, DJ nights!

Can never get those days back.

Attended the Pro show night and choreo night this time. Ranjith, Shakthishree & Alaap Raja rocked the stage. Choreo night was so full of fab performances as always!

Rock On SSN!!!

Keeping it short as am writing this too late 😛