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Newsletter Check List


Sending a newsletter might be a very effective thing to do for your organization, especially if you are creating many products and wish to engage your brand with your customers.


There is no right/wrong way to go about it apart from experimenting with various tests, but certain vital things  definitely needs to be checked before sending out a newsletter. Testing also needs to be done across various platforms – mobiles, desktops, tablets, across various clients, etc. Let us take a quick glance at those significant things.


1. Subject line


Keep it precise. Keep it interesting. Do not make it sound desperate, or scream with all caps[We are not sending a howler].

Even if we try sending it out in different times in different regions, it is mostly the subject line that plays the key role in determining the open rate.

Some inboxes might have horizontal tab view while some vertical. Take a preview  here and check how it would appear in different email clients

SOURCE: Litmus



2. Unsubscribe


All of us know a message cannot be sent without an unsubscribe option as per the CAN-SPAM Act.

Unsubscribing to your mailer is better than reporting your email spam. Even if you place your unsubscribe button in the bottom most part of your mail make it visible such that your users do not hit the ‘Report Spam’ button’, as it might affect sender’s reputation. In situations where a lot of people hit the spam button, the mailing client might display warning messages such as “Be careful with this message. Many people marked similar messages as spam.” Sounds like a death knell for an email marketer?. So make sure you add an option to unsubscribe.


 Google’s new unsubscribe option is not only for the users to be rid of promotional mails but also saves emails from being marked as spam. Not including your business address somewhere in the email also means not following the CAN-SPAM act.


3. Miss steaks aye can knot sea


If you do not wish to blame murphy later then do set up a review team in your organization and get your content reviewed before sending it out. There might be a couple of errors that we tend to overlook. We needn’t be too much pedantic. We just need to ensure the spelling and grammar part is right. Remember, spelling adds to your credibility.


4. Alt text


Not every email client displays images. So, don’t you wish to give your reader an idea as to what is there in the yet-to-be displayed image part?

In-case you use the same template for a monthly newsletter, make certain that you change the alt-text that was previously used.


Sometimes, if we are using the same template for a monthly newsletter, we are highly likely to face the alt text of the previous month starring at us


5. Tracking code


For every link in your newsletter add a tracking code, so you get to know how many clicks each link received. You must track. You could develop variety of templates, placing images and texts and test based on the click rates.


Despite the ‘Email-marketing-is-gona-die’ probaganda, the humble email continues to serve many needs. Start designing, managing and marketing your brand with email newsletters after checking off the list. Happy checking! 🙂




Instincts 2014

SSN! Instincts!


Those 3 days of fun! Never wana miss them ever at SSN.



SSN School of Management might conduct classes even during one of those days 😮 . It is not the management that should go to hell. Those students who attend classes even then.. Please!

2012 Instincts was the best with Blaaze, Suchi, Anirudh, Vel murugan, keith peters performing. The stalls, the dance workshop, DJ nights!

Can never get those days back.

Attended the Pro show night and choreo night this time. Ranjith, Shakthishree & Alaap Raja rocked the stage. Choreo night was so full of fab performances as always!

Rock On SSN!!!

Keeping it short as am writing this too late 😛